Three and Six Button Controller
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Technical Specs and Approvals

Operating Voltage: 660300 - 12 VDC
660000 - 12 VDC
660100 - 12.8 VDC
Amp Draw*: 660300 - N/A
660000 - N/A
660100 - 15mA @ 12.8 VDC (standby), 25mA @ 12.8 VDC (power draw)
*Fuse Rating - 40-amp (user installed externally; included with each unit).
Dim. (W x H x D): 660300 - 2.9 in x 1.8 in x 1.1 in (7.4cm x 4.6cm x 2.8cm)
660000 - 2.9 in x 3.2 in x 1.1 in (7.4cm x 8.1cm x
[2.0 in (5.1cm) with switches])
660100 - 5.2 in x 1.0 in x 5.3 in (13.3cm x 2.5cm x 13.4cm)
Ship Weight: 660300 - 0.13 lbs (0.1 kg)
660000 - 0.29 lbs (0.13 kg)
660100 - 10.5 oz (0.31 kg)

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The three-button and six-button programmable serial controls are an innovative lightbar control module designed specifically for use with Federal Signal’s serial communication lightbar platforms such as: Legend, Raydian S2 and Argent S2.  Model 660300 features three illuminated push-button modes for basic light control.  Model 660000 features six illuminated push-buttons and a four position slide switch.  Both controllers can be used as an alternate to the standard interface module and with a separate switch control can operate all of Federal Signal serial lightbars.

When the serial controllers are used in conjunction with Federal Signal’s Relay Module (Model 660100), both controllers provide users with the ability to control any of the serial lightbars Federal Signal offers with any 12-volt switched lighting or equipment device. With this combination, users are able to customize complete warning packages.

             Three-button and Six-button controllers

  • An alternate to the standard interface module with separate switch controls for the lightbar
  • Model 660300 features three illuminated push button switches with nine pre-progammed keypad configurations
  • Model 660000 features six illuminated push button switches and a four-position slide switch with eighteen pre-programmed keypad configurations
  • Controllers include a built-in lockout feature and battery timer options (six-button only)

             Relay module

  • Works in conjunction with the three and six button serial controllers
  • Customized complete warning packages with any serial communication lightbar platform and a variety of other light heads
  • Built-in two-channel flasher with alternating flash patterns