Service Bulletins

416200 In-Line Corner LED lights

April 23, 2013

Service Bulletin regarding the installation of model 416200 In-Line Corner LED lights.

A user-supplied, 5 Amp fuse has previously been recommended as part of the proper installation of the 416200 Corner LED lights. In some instances, if an electrical short occurs between the battery ground and the + side of the flashing LED Light head, the 5 Amp fuse may not provide protection to the LED in-line flasher, thus leading to the potential for permanent damage to the in-line flasher and/or the vehicle.

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Service bulletin regarding the use of Arjent S2 and Arjent SL lightbars on Model Years 2011-2012 or newer Dodge Charger PPV vehicles.

March 26, 2012

Due to a change in the roof design of the Dodge Charger PPV and as a result of aerodynamic loading at high speeds, the gutters (i.e. door jam) on the 2011-2012 or newer Dodge Charger PPV are subject to deformation when used with an Arjent S2 or Arjent SL lightbar. As a result, there is potential for vehicle damage.

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Service Bulletin for Strobe Tube assembly 8575263A

May 6, 2010

Issue: Strobe tube assemblies in various models were wired incorrectly. This causes premature failure of the strobe tube. Units affected: The strobe tube assemblies affected were shipped from Federal Signal as a component part of several different model numbers between January 20, 2010 and April 14, 2010. See below for a listing of the model numbers that shipped during this time period with the incorrectly wired assemblies. The affected model numbers shipped during this period are: 413127B, 416128, 413300-05, 416132B, 416126

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Raydian S2 LED Lightbar Purchased January 2008 through May 2009

August 10, 2009

If you are experiencing moisture issues, and have purchased a Raydian Lightbar during the January 1 2008 through May 2009 timeframe, we strongly encourage you to follow the appropriate corrective actions. Contact Federal Signal Service at 1-800-433-9132 for the replacement parts necessary to perform these actions before working on the lightbar. Please have your order number and date of purchase at the time of call. You can find this information on the white label attached to any ROC PCB assembly inside of the lightbar. This will determine what parts you need and what actions are necessary.

A complete list of orders affected by these moisture issues is at the beginning of the service bulletin. If your order number does not appear on this list and was not purchased during the 2008 through May 2009 you there is no corrective action needed. Download the full report for a list of orders affected by this service announcement. Your order number is located on the white label found on top of any ROC board. If your order number matches, contact Federal Signal Service immediately at 800-433-9132 to repair your lightbar or obtain the necessary replacement parts.

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Adjusting the Main Siren input Gain for Rumbler System Installations

July 9, 2009

In rare occasions on some main siren/speaker combinations, the output of the main siren wail tone sweep drops below the sense level of the Rumbler input circuit. This results in the Rumbler output breaking up on the low end of the wail tone sweep. When this occurs, the gain of this circuit can be adjusted. If an adjustment is required, perform the follow steps.

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Field Service Bulletin for Federal Signal Corner LED lights

June 19, 2009

Mounting Corner LED lights near headlamp or other bulbs may cause permanent damage. Mount Corner LED lights as far away as possible. Failure to do so may void warranty.

If you have questions, contact the Federal Signal Service department at 1-800-433-9132 or at

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Field Service Bulletin for the Federal Signal EQ2B Siren

April 21, 2008

Premature failure of the EQ2B siren due to misalignment of amplifier bias Some EQ2B units had the amplifier bias adjustment improperly adjusted during manufacturing at Federal Signal. This misalignment can cause premature amplifier failure due to overheating of the power amplifier output transistors.

Units Affected:
All units manufactured between the dates of October 1st of 2006 (date code 06275) and March 1st of 2008 (date code 08061) that have not already been serviced by the Federal Signal Service Department may be affected.

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DO NOT use HK-MAG5 as the hook kit for the Dodge Charger.

July 27, 2007

HK-MAG5 is only to be used on the Dodge Magnum. HK-CHGR is only to be used on the Dodge Charger. Specifically, the 18-8 stainless steel bolts (P/N# 7000469-xx) supplied with locktite on the threads must be used with keeper plates in compliance with the mounting instructions supplied with the bar and the corresponding hook kit. Any substitution and/or variation may lead to a hazardous condition with the vehicle's lightbar mounting. If you are using the wrong hook kit, replace immediately.

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