New to our product line for Intelligent Systems is the Informer100 IP-enabled high-powered indoor/outdoor speaker. The Informer100 Speaker can be used as a notification device using tones and/or voice. Pair this model with a Federal Signal Commander system for additional capabilities; for instance, it can be equipped with up to four local alarm initiation devices to activate the unit locally and to activate the Commander controller for mass notification communications.
The Informer100 Speaker has an internal 100 watt amplifier and driver to deliver intelligible voice messages from prerecorded files or from the Federal Signal Commander VOIP network system. Ambient Level Monitor enables speaker to automatically adjust speaker volume in relationship to ambient noise level. It also has remote volume control for optimizing sound levels across your alerting area.
Notifications and alerts can be live voice, text-to-speech, pre-recorded messages and/or tone files. When used with optional notification software, alert messages initiated from the Informer100 Speaker can be sent to emergency personnel via email, SMS, handheld radios; and can also be used to activate other Informer units and sirens.
Informer100 Speaker includes two relay outputs for controlling strobes or other devices. It’s designed for outdoor use or large indoor structures; and available in 24 VDC or 120/240 VAC. All wiring interfaces accessible via internal connectors for quick and easy installation.
The Informer100 Speaker is an ideal solution for existing notification systems where lack of coverage exists and the unit can be used as a call station where emergency alert buttons are required.


  • Operating Temperature: -40˚F (-40˚C) to 104˚F (40˚C)
  • Two Relay Outputs rated at 8A @ 240VAC. Relay outputs can be programmed to cycle on and off, or come on continuously with the on time, off time, and total-time being programmable. They can also be programed to control strobe lights or other devices
  • Tone and voice compatible with Federal Signal Commander and UltraVoice controllers (Requires  Commander version 14.8.x or higher)
  • Small size with rugged construction
  • Input: 24VDC, 5.15A maximum 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5A/.78A maximum
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level 120 dB (± 2 dB) @ 10’ (130 dB (± 2 dB) @ 1 m)
  • Wired Ethernet
  • Adjustable volume control and ambient noise monitoring with auto-level adjustment
  • Wall or pole mount options
  • Up to four direct wire input for customer supplied panic button alarm
  • Requires minimal network bandwidth and uses TCP/IP protocol
  • Works with redundant Commander network servers for reliable fail-safe operation
  • Federal Signal Commander software provides full two-way control and status monitoring of the Informer100
  • I-IP100DC Net Weight: 16.2 lbs (7.35 kg)
  • I-IP100AC Net Weight: 19.2 lbs (8.71 kg)


IP100 Standalone Application Video

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
I-IP100DC Informer 24VDC 100 watt wall mount
I-IP100AC Informer 120/240VAC 100 watt wall mount
I-IP100-PM Small (6" or less) Pole Mount Bracket
I-IP100-PMW Large (over 6") Pole Mount Bracket
I-IP100-OMNI Omni Directional Option for IP Speaker
PSEV-Y Push Button Station, "Evacuation", yellow 782979204343
PSEVSC-Y Push Button Station with sounder and cover, "Evacuation", yellow 782979204350
PSEM-R Push Button Station, "Emergency", red 782979204329
PSEMSC-R Push Button Station with sounder and cover, "Emergency", red 782979204336
225XL-024A Flashing LED light, 24VAC/DC, hazardous location, amber 782979200260
225XL-024B Flashing LED light, 24VAC/DC, hazardous location, blue 782979208570
225XL-024C Flashing LED light, 24VAC/DC, hazardous location, clear 782979226031
225XL-024G Flashing LED light, 24VAC/DC, hazardous location, green 782979200277
225XL-024R Flashing LED light, 24VAC/DC, hazardous location, red 782979200284
225XL-120-240A Flashing LED light, 120-240VAC, hazardous location, amber 782979224556
225XL-120-240B Flashing LED light, 120-240VAC, hazardous location, blue 782979224563
225XL-120-240C Flashing LED light, 120-240VAC, hazardous location, clear 782979226048
225XL-120-240G Flashing LED light, 120-240VAC, hazardous location, green 782979224570
225XL-120-240R Flashing LED light, 120-240VAC, hazardous location, red 782979224587
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number
I-IP100 control board Q-20000314
AC Speaker Service Part Q-IP100AC
DC Speaker Service Part Q-IP100DC
Informer 100 Speaker requires Federal Signal Commander application software (sold separately)
Informer 100 Speaker can be field configured or factory pre-configured to customer requirements. Contact your local representative for a quote.